Square Root : Find square Root of any number in a 5 seconds

Square number A square number or perfect square is the product of some integer with itself.

Time and Work : Time & Work Concepts, Tricks and Formulaes – Quantitative Aptitude

Time and Work Important Formulas : Work From Days: ⇒  If A can do a piece

Coding & Decoding : Coding-Decoding For Reasoning, Mental Ability and Aptitude

Coding-Decoding Tricks For Reasoning, Mental Ability and Aptitude In this section you will learn some General

Profit and Loss | Formulas, Concepts and Tricks on Profit & Loss

Profit and Loss When we buy a thing by paying some money and sell it back,

HCF & LCM: Easy Ways to Find HCF and LCM | Quantitative Aptitude

What is HCF? The highest positive integer which divides two or more integers without any remainder

Cracking Blood Relation Questions | Logical Reasoning Problems on Relationships

Blood Relationship: Tn this tutorial you will learn how to solve/crack the  blood relationship problems quickly,easily

Square Root Shortcut Tips And Tricks | Square Root Of Complex Number

In This Tutorial You Will Learn How To Wind Square Root Quickly, Easily &  Smartly by

Number System : Shortcut Tricks for the conversion of Decimal into rational Number

Classification Of Number System (Integer,Whole,Rational,Irrational,Decimal Real Number) Natural number Definition: A natural number is the group

Vedic Math Tricks for Fast Calculations

Fast Multiplication of any Number – using Vedic Maths This Maths trick for fast multiplication allows

Time and Work Aptitude Concepts |Formula| Shortcuts | Questions

In This Tutorial You Will Learn Time and Work Tips And Tricks ln  The Tutorial Below