Cracking Blood Relation Questions | Logical Reasoning Problems on Relationships

Blood Relationship: Tn this tutorial you will learn how to solve/crack the  blood relationship problems quickly,easily & smartly and you will also learn the Shortcut method to learn blood relation chart.

In This Tutorial You Will Learn how to decode questions based on blood relations. Blood relations are easy to crack once you understand the trick to solve them and appear within the logical reasoning questions of various competitive exams like NTSE MPSC, SSC, UPSC, IAS, IPS, NDA, CDS, RAILWAY, LIC, IBPS, SBI, GMAT, , GATE, MBA, CAT, GRE, CET, CSAT, MAT and others.

Blood Relation Problems tricks and shortcuts

There are two methods to solve the Blood Relationship Problems Such as

a) The ones which can be solved with the help of a linear relationship
b) The ones which require formation of a Family Tree

Important Blood Relations You Need To Learn Are :- (Blood Relation Chart)

  • Mother’s (or) father’s son                        –>       Brother

  • Mother’s (or) Father’s Daughter            –>       Sister

  • Mother’s brother                                      –>        Maternal Uncle

  • Father’s Brother                                       –>        Paternal uncle

  • Mother’s (or) Father’s sister                   –>       Aunt

  • Mother’s (or) Father’s father                  –>       Grand father

  • Mother’s (or) Father’s mother                –>       Grand mother

  • Son’s wife                                                  –>         Daughter in law

  • Daughter’s husband                                 –>        Son in law

  • Husband’s (or) Wife’s father                  –>       Father in law

  • Husband’s (or) Wife’s mother                 –>       Mother in law

  • Husband’s (or) Wife’s brother                –>       Brother in law

  • Husband’s (or) Wife’s sister                   –>      Sister in law

  • Sister’s husband                                       –>        Brother in law

  • Brother’s (or) Sister’s son                        –>      Nephew

  • Brother’s (or) Sister’s daughter               –>     Niece

Now Watch The Video Tutorial And Learn The Shortcut Way To Solve The Blood Relation Questions Quickly:-


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Lets Check How Much You Learn From The Above Blood Relation Topic Just Solve The Problem Below And Leave Your Answer In The Comment Box Below


Pointing to a gentleman, Deepak said,” His only brother is the father of my daughter’s father.” How is gentleman related to Deepak ?

  1. Brother
  2. Father
  3. Grand Father
  4. Uncle

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