What is Vedic Maths ? Why Vedic Maths ?

What is Vedic Maths ?

Vedic Mathematics (1965) that is a pioneer work of Bharati Krishna Tirthaji, has techniques of Vedic mathematics. It is considered as a first work towards Vedic Mathematics.


Founder of Vedic Maths

History of Vedic Maths :-

In late 1960s a copy of his book reached London and from there Vedic Mathematics was reborn. It was taken up as a new alternative system of mathematics. British mathematicians got interested in Vedic mathematics. Many lectures on this were delivered which later on were collected in the book – Introductory Lectures on Vedic Mathematics. After the visit of Andrew Nicholas to India between 1981 and 1987, interest in Vedic maths started to develop in India.

Vedic mathematics has given a new approach to mathematics. In India also it is taught in many schools. Students of economics and MBA find it very useful. A Delhi-based forum known as International Research Foundation for Vedic Mathematics and Indian Heritage have been giving lectures on Vedic Mathematics since 1999 in most of the schools in Delhi.

Importance / Advantage of Vedic Maths :-

Without a doubt there are many advantages of learning Vedic Mathematics. Some of them are below:-

1. Students develop problem solving ability and it also leads to the development of creative intelligence.
2. Students of Vedic Mathematics can not only do simple calculations of subtraction, addition, multiplication but also very complex calculations such as algebra, geometry, calculus and trigonometry. Your mind is at work with this mathematics so mental sharpness is associated with it.
3. Vedic maths is very effective and at the same time it is easy to learn.
4. Only 16 Vedic sutras are used to solve the mathematical problem. Sutras are basically word formulae that describe normal way of solving mathematical problems.
5. Instead of learning by repetition, Vedic Mathematics involves logic and understanding the fundamental concepts.
6. One can do calculations much faster than done by using the conventional method that is taught in schools. It teaches the students to solve same problem in different ways.

Now, the question is if India has such a wonderful and useful way of calculating mathematical problems then why it is not taught in all the school, right from the beginning. Why we rely just on Western education pattern and learning through logical reasoning instead of mentally solving them. People must be encouraged to learn Vedic mathematics and it must be part of our curriculam.

Learning Vedic maths will help you immensely in competitive exams. Knowing these tricks will give you a positive edge over the others. They are always going to benefit you.

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